Our Projects

We currently have a number of activities in our project pipeline. These range from concepts, feasibility studies, and implementation, through to successful completion. Our current priority projects are summarised here. 

We are always looking for future project concepts that are in line with our purpose and values. If you have an idea that you think might be of interest to us, or wish to explore an opportunity which might be realised, please contact us!

Our News

Investing in East Gippsland's vibrant agrifood sector 

East Gippsland's agrifood sector offers opportunities for all kinds of investors. More information available here.

Feast on East as part of Melbourne Food & Wine Festival - 8th April 2017

Join us for an evening of food, wine and art celebrating East Gippsland our region's unique and diverse mix of produce. Harvest from the mountains to the sea, the menu will be prepared by local chefs who live and breathe East Gippsland produce, matched with local beers and wines. More information and bookings available here.

Feast on East @ "Hooked on Lakes Entrance" - 12th March 2017

Lakes Entrance will celebrate and showcase the wonderful array of Victorian seafood caught by commercial and recreational fishers and the beautiful places it comes from at the “Hooked on Lakes Entrance” event on March 12.

East Gippsland Food Cluster and Fisheries Victoria are  co-hosting the day at the Lakes Entrance Foreshore Reserve overlooking the water from 10am till 5pm. More information available here.

Twiglight cluster picnic for members and prospective members, February 2017

Join us for a relaxing evening @ Nicholson River Winery doing what we like most - enjoying and taling about eastern Gippsland's fantasitic produce. February 7th. More information available here

Gippsland Regional Agrifood Employment Project (GRAEP)

As part of Jobs Victoria's Employment Network, the East Gippsland Food Cluster is rolling out the Gippsland Regional Agrifood Employment Project (GRAEP). This exciting initiative is designed to support win-win outcomes for disadvanted job seekers and employers alike. More information available here and please contact us to register your interest.

East Gippsland Food Cluster's online Farmers Market - Feast on East Direct recognised for 'Innovation', October 2016

Feast on East Direct was recognised for innovation at the East Gippsland Business Awards. Congratulations also to EGFC member Bulmer Farms who won the the Agrribusiness category sponsored by the EGFC, and to all the other cluster members who were also recognised with a number of awards. More information available here.

Business Breakfast - looking back in order to look forward, September 2016

Nearly 70 people got up early for breakfast at the Lindenow Football Club to hear Chris Egan deliver a fascinating uncut address of his history and the story behind the development of Garden / Vegco site during the 1990's. It was an illuminating insight into leadership, risk taking and entrepreneurship. It was also a poignant reminder that it has always been local 'leadership' that has driven the region's important agrifood economy and that leadership will remain a requirement into the future, Read more here. 

More award winning credentials for East Gippsland produce - Gold and Best in Class for Forge Creek Free Range (July 2016)

More information available here

Food cluster exploring investment opportunities in agrifood sector - make sure you have your say!

East Gippsland Food Cluster together with East Gippsland Shire Council is currently exploring potential priority investment areas to support the sustainable growth of East Gippsland’s vibrant agrifood sector. 

We will be engaging with a range of stakeholders in order to identify priority investment opportunities to support more value-adding of regional produce and which further enhance regional value-chains. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the East Gippsland Food Cluster. 

Make sure you have your say here.

Calling for expressions of interest for Independent Director for East Gippsland Food Cluster (July 2016)

Do you share a passion for the Eastern Gippsland Food sector? Do you have skills and experiences that would compliment the vision of the East Gippsland Food Cluster Board as "collaborative industry leaders committed to a vital, innovative, and sustainable food sector that is valued by our community”? If you are interested in an honorary role with a board that meets formally six times per year, please contact us for more information.

New Boots for Horticulture - Shayne Hyman to facilitate capacity building in East Gippsland Vegetable Growing Sector (July 2016)

More information available here and here.

Exploring Opportunities for Value-adding Imperfect and Surplus Fresh Produce - 24th May

Dr Hazel McTavish-West will facilitate a workshop for industry representatives interested in exploring opportunity to value-add imperfect and surplus fresh produce. More details available here

Value Proposition Workshop - 17th May 2016

Looking for opporunities to assist you with business growth through the development of a compelling value proposition? - register for this 'free' workshop being brought to East Gippsland by the Department of Industry. More information available here.

Eastern Gippsland Sustainable Workforce Solutions for the Agrifood Sector (Oct 2015)

We have just finalised a very important piece of work that identfies a range of strategies to support Eastern Gippsland's vibrant agrifood sector. We invite interested stakeholders and service providers to contact us to discuss further. The document is available here.

Feast on East Direct has soft launched (July 2015)

Formally known as our 'Regional Produce Aggregator' project, this innovative, ambitious and potentially transformative initiative has been under development for sometime but is now 'open for business'. Check out www.feastoneastdirect.com.au, and follow FOED on facebook copy.

Listen to Andrew Bulmer and Nicola Watts talking about Feast on East Direct on ABC radio.

We are keen to broaden our collaborative reach so if you are an Eastern Gippsland Food and Wine producer of any size, a logistics solution provider, or a business or community group interested in being a pick-up point, please contact us.

Case Study in Energy Efficiency

Click here for a great insight into energy efficiency strategies implemented by Bonaccord

EG Produce Branding @ Feast on East Direct on the ABC Country Hour (1st May) - Listen to our Executive Officer talk about these important initiatives here - (maybe fast forward about 6 mins).

Eastern Gippsland Sustainable Workforce Solutions Feasibility Study

We have engaged a Consultant to undertake this work for us. The consultant will be interested in the views and ideas of a range of stakeholders. If you would like to have input, please contact us ASAP. The work is scheduled to be complete by September 2015.

East Gippsland Business Awards (October 2015)

East Gippsland Food Cluster is again proud to encourage and recognise excellence in our sector as the Agribusiness category sponsor for the 2015 East Gippsland Business Awards. A big congratulations to Grassvale Farms/Wuk Wuk Beef for being the category winner in 2015! More information available here.

Trainee Programme - Winner of the 2014 Victorian Training Awards - "Industry Collaboration"

WINNER 60yr VTA logo 2014 -02    

Watch our video, and follow our traineeship programme on facebook copy 

Watch this space for the roll out of our 'Regional Produce Aggregator' (RPA) project, which is designed to connect our great regional suppliers with new markets via innovative online and distribution systems

Learn more about the project here.

Watch (f)route's video tribute to the project

Fabulous Leafy Vegetable Demonstration Day held in May 2014

A fabulous industry demonstration day attracted growers from all over.

See more on  onfacebook

Top Melbourne Chefs visit and sample premium East Gippsland produce (Jan 2014)

More info available in media releases below. Follow on twitter #eatprawnlove.

Listen to Frank Camorra from Movida talk about his visit and reflections

Listen to Matt Wilkinson from Pope Joan talk about sourcing regional produce and his reflections on the East Gippsland Food Cluster.

"Food For Thought" - Business Breakfast 30th October 2013

A recent business breakfast  explored key opportunities for building on the region’s strong agrifood sector.

Hosted by East Gippsland Shire Council and East Gippsland Food Cluster, the Food for Thought breakfast forum was an opportunity to listen to a panel of keynote speakers, explore ideas and enjoy a breasfast menu showcasing local produce. Presentations available here.

Associate Memberships now available - JOIN US, and become part of shaping the sustainable development of the Eastern Gippsland agrifood sector. More information available here. 


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Eastern Gippsland Industry Workforce Development Strategy Stage 1 Aug 2010

Eastern Gippsland etable Innovation Days 2017 Paddock to Plate sessionIndustry Workforce Development Strategy Stage 2 Final Report Sep 2011

Eastern Gippsland Sustainable Workforce Solutions for the Agrifood Sector Oct 2015



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